A Closer Look at the Latest Technology Vivo S1 Smartphones


The Vivo S1 is equipped with a Windows Phone 8.1 mobile device that has advanced Google applications preinstalled. The Android operating system also comes pre-installed on this handset. The Vivo S1 was launched in China a couple of months back and has been in the market ever since. Buy Cheap Vivo S1 online and avail the best deals and discounts.

Connectivity options in the Vivo S1 (India) include Wi-Fi & micro-USB. Other sensors in the phone include fingerprint reader, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, touch screen, etc. The battery of the smartphone comes with an impressive capacity of 2021 hours, which is long enough to last one whole day. This makes it perfect for travelling. On the other hand, the Vivo S1 (India) offers a huge price cut when buying it online.

There are several accessories with the Vivo S1 (India) like a camera bag, skin, a charger, etc. Apart from these, the handset comes with a premium looking frame that looks sleek and stylish. It comes with a 5 mega pixels camera with a front-facing lens that offers a clear picture. The camera also comes with an interface control ring that makes it easier to operate the touch screen and the camera.

If we log into the India based online stores, we find that there are plenty of online Vivo S1 smartphone stores that sell the handset at attractive prices. Some of these online shops also give freebies as a part of their services and some of them offer lucrative cash backs along with their mobile phone deals. An ideal deal can be found from any of these stores. The pricing of the phone depends on a number of factors like model of the gadget, network provider, the availability of free gifts and so forth.

As per research, the selling price of the vivo s1 smartphone comes down to Rs 16,000 in just a few months. The price of the handset is quite low in comparison to other smart mobiles like the Nokia E71 which has a selling price of Rs 22,000. In fact, the cellphone has some excellent features like a large memory space, high resolution camera, and so forth. Apart from this, the vivo s1 comes with a large display as well. In fact, people who use the smartphone often are amazed by the vibrant colors on display.

The handset runs on the MTIO chip called the Helio P65 Octa-core processor that offers good performance. The battery of the cellphone runs for more than eight hours without a break down. When we refer to the connectivity features, the Vivo S1 comes along with a USB modem, SIM card, USB cable, Bluetooth earpiece etc. Along with this, the handset comes with a virtual keyboard, keypad, volume control, and so on. The battery of the smartphone runs for more than eight hours without a break down. When we refer to the photographic performances of the handset, the camera of the vivo s1 can handle images in good resolution.

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